The original Australian Seekers had been popular aound the world and when they split at the height of their popularity member Keith Potger realised that the music industry lacked an obvious replacement and so decided to re-create the winning formual, but this time with five group members instead of four,two girls and three boys, allowing him to take the harmonies even further. Inevitably it was felt that the Seekers could not be replaced, but the vision which Keith could 'see' was a group who could capture an audience with many talents, certainly not just a carbon copy. This was in the Spring of 1969 and together with Australian David Joseph he set out to put together a 'new' Seekers group, individuals who could be versatile,standing out as soloists,dance, do comedy and communicate well with an audience.He wanted the new group to do what the old Seekers had done and then to do what they couldn't do. David Joseph followed the strategy that if the new group were not as good or even better, then what was the point?