Ironically the next single released at the begining of June was titled 'Goodbye is just another word' , another ballad suiting Eve again on lead vocals. The song was written by the American singer songwritter Lobo. With the group busy in the States the song again suffered from lack of television exposure and it's highest placing was number 36. A further accolaid given to the group was to be named Top Television Pop Act by the Sun newspaper on May 11th. In America the group were appearing in shows like Miss Teenage America and Miss Universe, both televised, further concerts at Disneyland and shows with Vikki Carr. The New Seekers were now a top act in the US.
It was a case of fly away Peter come back Peter as it was announced that Peter Doyle's replacement was to be Peter Oliver from Southampton who had been chossen by Keith Potger in a two part audition and immediately flown out to meet the rest of the group with only a few days left with Peter Doyle. The ' new ' Peter had released singles under the name Jonny Ross and had appeared in the musical Hair. His reaction to joining The New Seekers was' that it was like winning the pools'! It was only a matter of days before Peter Oliver began playing with the group, with Peter Doyle playing his final show on Friday June 15th at Disneyland. The group's schedule was ever expanding taking them all over America. Shortly before Peter Doyle had left, a US single was released called 'The Greatest Song I Ever Heard', possibly this would have been an ideal release in Britain as many fans name it as one of Eve's finest moments.
May 6th 1973 press conference where it was announced Peter Doyle's decission to leave The New Seekers.