During the Autumn of 1973 The New Seekers were part of a massive 'Keep Britain Tidy' campaign. They released a single which was also used in the US in a similar drive, 'We've got to do it now' which was written by Roger Cooke and Roger Greenaway. Giant billboard posters were distributed around the country and a promotional film was shown on TV and in the cinema to highlight the issue. David Cassidy and Marc Bolan were also featured in the campaign.

Just as the group were due to fly back home they were asked to do a short tour of America with Liza Minnneli which they couldn't say no to. With Liza a huge artist the exposure which this would give the group was enormous and so the return to Britain was slightly delayed. However on their return were two big events to look forward to, the release of an album by the ' boys ' titled 'Peter, Paul and Marty'. This had been partly recorded with Peter Doyle still in the group and Peter Oliver had then completed his tracks. Eve and Lyn were on most of the tracks as support artists so it was treated by most fans as a' 'group ' release. The other big event was the announcement of the group's second Fan Club Convention. This would be help on December 16th 1973 in the Great Hall of the Alexandra Palace in London. This time there was a small charge for fans but again they could bring along a friend.
With the group's return to the UK being delayed due to the Liza Minneli tour, both 'We've Got To Do It Now' and 'Crying In The Rain' suffered as single releases and failed to make an inpact on the charts. With a lack of single success compared with the previous year the record comapny and the groups management were searcing for something to make an impact !