We had seen when Peter Oliver replaced Peter Doyle, if you have the right person, the fans will accept them without question. Danny had already got over that hurdle as he had been introduced to the fans during the previous two years performing and recording with MPD in a very similar style to The New Seekers. Kathy to her credit decided that what Lyn had done with the group was a great job and not one to be emulated. And so Kathy introduced her own style to the group. As an experienced professional singer Kathy knew what she was capable of and even though she would be singing ' Lyn's ' songs, she would be doing it 'her' way.
And Kathy's way was to prove a winner. On Sunday the sixteenth of May 1976 The New Seekers played their come back concert at London's Theatre Royal Drury Lane to a crowd ready to welcome their favourite group back. Review's of this show seemed to focus on the 'dreadful ' sound system which may have interfered with some of the group's songs but certainly not to the extent where it spoilt any ones enjoyment of the show. Most of the old hits were here and many new songs introduced such as the 'first' single 'It's So Nice,'Hey Look High' and the Bellamy Brother's song 'Let your Love Flow'. The show was a success and the crowd left knowing that the group were back in business. Evident amongst the audience were former Fan Club Secretary Jill Webster, former New Seeker Lyn Paul with her family and future group members Donna Jones and Mick Flinn.