The New Seekers U.K. single releases 1969 -1970

Written by 'Kelly '.Released in October 1969. Produced by Keith Potger. Philips BF 1821
Lead vocals by Eve.
B side Zarzis.Written by Laurie Heath.Produced by Keith Potger.
Lead vocals Eve.
Both songs available on the Album The New Seekers.
An excellent first release from The New Seekers which featured a very 'Seekers' style arrangement so as not to be' too' different at this early stage. Eve's strong vocals suited both songs perfectly and the song received Radio and Television exposure.
Written by Melanie Safka. Released 26th June 1970. Produced by David McKay.Philips 6006 027
Lead vocals by Eve
B side It's A Beautiful Day. Written by Lovett and Peacock. Produced by David McKay.
Both songs available on the album Keith Potger and The New Seekers.
The group's second single would be the first of three songs recorded by the group to be written by singer songwritter Melanie Safka. The arrangement and style were very different to Melanie's more folkier version and the song has proven to be an audience favourite featured in the group's act throughout their career.A very upbeat and rousing sing- along , again perfectly suited to Eve's strong vocals. This was recorded by the 'original' line up just before Sally, Chris and Laurie left the band. The song is featured on The New Seekers Greatest Hits album released in America which was released as a 'quad' album designed to played on four sound speakers to give an 'orchestral' sound. However even played on a standard two speaker system the version here is notably different to the 'usual' song heard on the single and on albums. The boy's vocals are more significant and a heavier 'bass' sound is heard.
An extreemly optimistic song which made British audiences take note and gave the group success in America.
UK Chart position.No. 44.In the charts for 2 weeks.