The New Seekers UKSingle Releases1971 1 0F 2
Written by Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie Lynn O'Farrell. Released 18 June 1971. Produced by David Mackay Philips 6006 125
B Side Cincinati. Produced by David Mackay. Lead vocal Peter Doyle.
Both songs available on the albums Beautiful People and Never Ending Song of Love
After the group's 'Melanie ' period bringing chart success in the States but failing to make impact on the UK charts, Keith Potger and David Mackay looked towards a different direction for the next single. Whilst Eve Graham had done superb jobs on all previous single releases taking lead, it was decided to perhaps take an overall' group ' approach for the next release. The finished result was a very slick, tight harmonisng sound allowing the boys a chance to show their guitar skills. With a slight 'country' sound to the song, but by no means, country and western, the song portrayed a happy summer feel and suited the current mood perfectly. Almost immediately the song received a lot of air play and very soon began to climb the U.K. charts. At last the group were making the impact they had hoped for. The B side featured a song written by Peter Doyle and this was to start a fashion for the group to feature their own compositions on B sides as well as on albums.
Chart position Number 2 In the U.K charts for 19 weeks. ( NME credited it as a NO 1 )
Written by Gary Sulsh and Stuart Leathwood. Released October 1971. Produced by David Mackay . Lead vocal Eve Graham and Peter Doyle.
Polydor 2058 157
B Side Sweet Louise.Produced by David Mackay. Lead vocal Peter Doyle.
Both songs available on the album New Colours.
After the success of Never Ending Song Of Love, which had seen a slightly different style for the group, the search was on for another chart success. The group had recently recorded a series of 'jingles' for Coca-Cola but these had not seriously been concidered as suitable for a single release!!!! With' Never Ending' having a slight Country feel to it, maybe this was the trend to adopt and with the chart success in the States seeing Eve on lead vocal this appeared a winning combination. The song did in fact suit Eve's voice perfectly, paired with Peter's vocals and a perfect chorus for the rest of the group to offer a cheery sing a long, old style,western approach. The song was sung on the group's Royal Variety performance and was well received, as it was by critics but it was not to be a hit. It has often been mentioned by fans that it was a perfect album track and fitten well on the 'New Colours' LP and it remains today a highlight in the group's live performances. It previously featured Lyn on her wash board!!
The B side featured a beautiful song , Sweet Louise written by Paul Layton who has creited Peter's performance of this song as one of his proudest 'song writting' moments.