The New Seekers UK Single Releases 1972 2 of 2
Written by Harry Chapin.Released June 1972. Produced by David Mackay.Polydor 2058-242.
Lead vocal Eve Graham and Peter Doyle. Available on the album Circles.
B Side Mystic Queen. Written by Marty Kristian. Lead vocal Marty.Produced by David Mackay. Available on the album We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing.

During the group's spring tour which they embarked on imediately after the Eurovision Song Contest, a new song was 'trialed' which would if well received become the follow up to Beg Steal or Borrow. Circles proved to be a winner with audiences showcassing the magic combination of Eve and Peter's lead vocals. The song was slower in tempo than their previous hits but this didn't affect the chart placing of the song which has remained a firm favourite of fans, recently in 2004 it was voted 'favourite single' in a poll oganised by the Peter Doyle web site and is still very well received by 'today's audiences' where it is performed in part acoustically.
UK Chart position No 4. Weeks on chart 16.
New Seekers
in 1972.
This picture was issued when the
announced Eve's
Appearing on Top
Of The Pops
singing Come Softly To Me.
December 1972
Written by Gary Troxel-Gretchen Christopher-Barbara Elis.Released November 1972. Produced by Michael Lloyd.Polydor 2058 315.Lead vocal Marty.
Available on the album Peter Paul and Marty. B.Side Idaho. Written by Paul Layton and Marty Kristian. Produced by David Mackay. Lead vocal Paul.Available on the album Circles.
The slower, melodic tempo had worked well with 'Circles' and this follow up would continue in the same style. Deciding to continue featuring a different member of the group as lead vocalist, Marty would take centre stage this time with the rest of the group joining him on a very sweet and delicate chorus. The song had been a hit during the fifties for a group called The Fleetwoods and The New Seekers version was aimed to appeal towards an American public and was their first with a different producer.
UK Chart position No.20. Weeks on chart 11.