The New Seekers UK Single Releases 1973 1 of 2
Written by Pete Townsend. Released February 1973. Produced by Tommy Oliver. Polydor 2058 338. Available on the album Now.
Lead vocals are shared by the group.
B side . Time Limit. Written by Marty Kristian and Peter Doyle. Produced by Tommy Oliver. Available on the album Now.Lead vocal Marty.
The group were now working with producer Tommy Oliver and he decided to explore a style which had only been heard on the group's albums. So the 'shock' at The New Seekers releasing such a raunchy and rocky single was only felt by those expecting the group's 'sing along' style of their previous singles. Written by Pete Townsend of rock group 'The Who', these two songs cleverly combined were both taken from 'The Who's rock opera Tommy a sureal and colourful musical featuring ' a deaf dumb and blind kid' who 'plays' the pinball machines. The Who had released both songs as singles a few years previously and so both songs were already familiar to 'rock audiences' and so the thought of The New Seekers recording them was perceived as ridiculous!!!
However the music press had to 'eat their words' and agree that this was in fact an excellent coupling of the two songs and that the group's talent ensured that this was not such a crazy idea. It has remained of favourite of the group to perform live as the climax of their act and always features in most fan's favourites top 5.
As a seal of his approval, the group received a letter from it's composer Pete Townsend congratulating them on their interpretation.
UK chart position No. 16. Weeks on chart 8
NEVERTHELESS (i'm in love with you)
The New Seekers in LA in 1973
Written by Harry Ruby and Bert Kalmar.Released March 1973. Produced by Tommy Oliver. Polydor 2058 340. Lead vocal Eve.Available on the Polydor album The New Seekers.
B side All Right My Love. Written by Keith Potger and 'Groom'. Produced by David Mackay. Available on the album Keith Potger and The New Seekers.
The release of this single was actualy announced at the same time as 'Pinball Wizard' and issued only 6 weeks later with the former still in the charts. It was effectively a solo single by Eve Graham, following the decision to explore the member of the group's individual styles whilst keeping the group intact and hopefully avoiding the possibilty of a 'split' or member's leaving!!
The song is a true 'old hollywood' number written in the early 1930's and had previously been successfully recorded by Bing Crosby and Rudy Vallee. A perfect tune for Eve's voice which suited the standards wonderfully, though perhaps not such a great number to perform live with the rest of the group 'around one micraphone cooing'!! Not a huge hit for the group, hampered by a lack of Television exposure.
UK chart position No.34. Weeks on chart 5