The New Seekers UK Single Releases 1973 2 of 2
Written by Roger Cooke and Roger Greenaway. Released September 1973. Produced by Michael Lloyd. Polydor 2058 397.Available on the Polydor album The New Seekers. Lead vocal Eve.
B Side Look Look. Written by Marty Kristian. Produced by David Mackay .Available on the album Now. Lead vocal Marty.
Written by the 'original' composers of 'Teach The World', this song was part of a huge 'Keep Britain Tidy' campaign, which also feaured Marc Bolan and David Cassidy and saw the New Seekers on bill boards around the UK. This is an extremely commercial pop song, with a similar melody to 'Teach' and is typical of it's writters. The group were due to arrive back in the country to take part in the massive advertising campaign but due to a clash with their late involvement in Lisa Minelli's tour in America the song did not receive the exposure to make it a hit.
Written by Tony Macaulay and Geoff Stevens. Released 16th November 1973. Produced by Tommy Oliver. Polydor 2058 421.Available on the album Together.
Lead vocal Lyn.
B Side Song Foy You And Me. Written byCotton,Kipner and Lloyd. Available on the Polydor album The New Seekers. Lead vocal Eve.
The New Seekers had released numerous singles throughout 1973, Pinball Wizard had been a decent chart success in February but their other singles from this year had not seen the high chart positions which the music industry expected from them and some journalists were ready to 'write the group off'. However this new single would prove this should not be the case. Returning from a successful tour of America 'Another Fool' was showcased on Television shows Magpie and Lulu's series and it was immediately apparent that the group had a 'winner on their hands'.
We were to learn at a later date that Lyn had expressed her desire to leave the group and in order to prevent this, their management company had found a song ideally suited to Lyn's vocal talent and featured her as lead on the song. An absolute belting, slightly vaunderville melody with a rich 'sing along' chorus and distinctive saxaphone the single was 'rush released' and started a steady climb towards the top of the charts. Kept off the top during the Christmas period by Slade's 'Merry Christmas Everybody', 'Another Fool' continued to sell well and eventualy after a climb and fall few weeks, hit the number one spot, the first one of 1974. The song would win an Ivor Novello award.
UK Chart position No.1.Weeks on chart 16.

Written by Lobo. Released June 1973. Produced by Mike Lloyd. Polydor 2058 368. Lead vocal Eve. Available on the Polydor album The New Seekers.
B side Me And My Guitar. Written by Paul Layton and Mick Flinn. Produced by David Mackay . Lead vocal Paul. Available on the album Peter Paul and Marty.
An extremely poignant song from the group as it was issued just as it was announced that Peter Doyle would be soon leaving the group. Origianlly a hit in the US for its composer Lobo, the song was adapted to feature a heavy strings section and electric guitar allowing a very mellow, and fittingly 'sad' feel to the song. However, it ironically is also uplifting and possibly one of the most suited of all the group's songs for Eve. Very rarely featured live and seldomly seen on Television it did not perform too well in the charts.
UK chart position 36. Weeks on chart 5